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01E-ReAct About Us : Home
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022-ReAct Marketing of your property : About ReAct

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51D-ReAct Realestate Activities : Over ReAct
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ReAct - Realestate Activities



01. - INTRODUCTION: is one of the informative web sites of  ROBAN Realestate Actividades Unipessoal Ldª , a new company set up in 2016. Prior to that we were working and known as ReAct and before as Ricola Algarvia Ldª and Previsão Ldª


The company has 2 Directors: Mrs. Enid F. Hut (Dutch, English, Portuguese, German)  and Mr. Robert Snapper (Dutch, Englsih, Portuguese and German). We are assisted by Mrs. Caroline Noterman who masters 6 languages (Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese)


The web site has the aim to give you a better insight view of additional services we can provide besides our core business which is “Real Estate”

The Director of the Real Estate Company Ricola Algarvia Med. Imob. Unipessoal Ldª is Robert M.L. Snapper, who has been living and working in Portugal for nearly 40 years. All of our staff is Multi lingual and besides English we speak Portugese, German and Dutch).

I am convinced that you can take advantage of our “Portugal Experience & Expertise”.



Without doubt Portugal and in particular the Algarve has a lot to offer for foreigners. The Brits in fact have discovered the area as the first as an ideal place to holiday or even permanent living.  With its fine climate the whole year round, it lends itself for many outdoor activities and as many people call it "a better quality of life". However do not let the sun blind you as there is more to it. For that reason I have launched many years ago a new free informative web site dealing in depth with many topics which could be of interest to you. For further info see



Buying a property at home is already considered as quite a big step and most likely for many the biggest purchase they ever make furthermore buying a property abroad and in this case Portugal is an even bigger venture. Sound independent advice and information prior to making this step is to my opinion essential to reach a balanced decision. In a personal meeting with me or one of our team members we can in 1 or 2 hours talk you through the process of purchasing or selling and answer your many of the questions you certainly will have.



Many people possibly have seen a nice little farm house or made contact directly with owners/sellers, taxi drivers, bar tenders or any other person willing to help you.  Or even with an estate agent who does not speak your language. Language barriers are one of the most common causes for misunderstandings. Be careful with what people tell you. Most of the time there is no bad intention involved but few people  know how  the bureaucracy works, know the latest laws or what is or isn’t possible. Things change rapidly nearly every week. Of course a (local) lawyer can help and we will not hesitate to advise you to consult one if we feel that is necessary. Although most of the lawyers speak perfect English we also will be able to assist you and accompany you in case this would be of additional value.




Besides to assist you with buying and/or selling many may feel the need to have an independent valuation to be carried out. Are you not sure about the price of an object in mind or might you need if for other purposes we can provide this professional service. Valuations may be needed also for different purposes like court cases or divorces.



In case you decide to purchase a building plot or an old farm house for converting please make sure you can afford what you intend to do. As good locations are gering scares many decide to buy an older property in the right location and to do it up and modernise it meeting today’s standards. Let somebody make you a good budget as unfortunately things always turn out more expensive than expected. Read the full article



Once the owner of a house or Apartment it is more or less inevitable that you will need somebody to look after your property. Quite often friends will offer to do his for you but using a professional team has additional value. We are here 365 days a year to assist you. For quite a few clients we take care or the day to day running of their property by doing either full management, individual tailor made services etc. We have a special web site for this part of the business. Please visit



Besides the management of properties we also have a department dealing with rentals. Portugal is not cheap anymore and to keep a property will cost you a certain amount per month. By letting your property you may be able to have the property free of charge with the possibility to use it whenever it suits you. Popular in UK now of course is “buy to let”. Luckily we now have legislation in place which regulates this all.  Also here various special web-sites can be visited like ,  and many others


09. - MORTGAGES:           
Might you feel the need to have a mortgage on your property in Portugal we also can advise you on this. We have good contacts with bank and many mortgage lenders.


Besides intervening with buying and selling properties, the owners may also ask if I could represent them in the sale or purchase of their property. Besides individual representation I also represent many off-shore companies in Portugal.



Anybody owning a property or bank account in Portugal now by law needs official fiscal representation as they are unable to communicate with the Authorities or are not in the country. For example I represent many off-shore companies and many individuals, who now need to have by law a local representative and fiscal address or representative who can represent and defend the interest with the Portuguese authorities.



Anybody living in Portugal and letting their property are obliged to submit in Portugal on a yearly basis a tax return declaring their renal income. Our office knows how to deal with these matters. Tax returns on your own country might be already difficult in a foreign country it may turn out even more complex.

Furthermore anybody who is a Resident in this county is also obliged to submit a tax return declaring their world wide income.



Nowadays many people not only have a holiday place but have decided to take up permanent Residence in Portugal. This obviously has many consequences and you will have to comply with Portuguese legislation. You have to become a Resident, maybe need to be registered with the National Health Service and many more issues. We will be able to assist.



In case people need documents or letters to be translated from Portuguese to English or Dutch or reverse we will be able to assist. You may need an interpreter to speak to or negotiate or you may need an interpreter in court. We provide this service.



Not an official part of our companies activity but as one of the members of our staff runs this as a site business we also here will be able to give you service.



Not an official part of our companies activity but as one of the members of our staff runs this as a site business we also here will be able to give you service.




Not an official part of our companies activity but as one of the members of our staff runs this as a site business we also here will be able to give you service.





Please contact us for quotes in any specific cases or look at our standard price list for certain fixed services.

Curriculum Vitae:
           1948 Born in Batavia (Ned-Indië)
1948 - 1952 Childhood in The Hague
1952 - 1955 Kindergarden and Primamy school in Zeist
1955 - 1961 Primary School in The Hague
1961 - 1962 Secondary School tin Hollandia (Dutch. New-Guinea)
1962 - 1968 Gymnasium & HBS in The Hague (Nederlandsch Lyceum)
1968 - 1973 Maw Study State University in Leiden (course not completed)
1973 - 1975 Real Estate Course in Leiden
1975 - 1977 Assistant Manager in Leiden
1977 - 1982 Entrepreneur in Lagos - Portugal
1982 - 1990 Independent estate agent with company in Portimão
1990 - 2001 Indepenent estate agent in individual name in Bensafrim
2001 - 2010 Director of Ricola Algarvia Med. Imob. Unipessoal Ldª & ReAct

2010 - 2016 Working in individual name using "ReAct"

2016 -  ----- Director of ROBAN Realestate Actividades Unipessoal Ldª

Would you like to contact us?

ROBAN Realestate Ldª  t.a.v. Robert M.L. Snapper

Rua Dr. Paulo J. Godinho Lote 5 – Loja C  8600-774 Lagos
Tel: +351 282 768 821 Fax: +351 282 768 827 438 Mobile: +351 917 566 931

E-Mail:   URL:



Robert M.L. Snapper



Date Inserted: 15 January 2003
Last Updated: 23 November 2017
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