Marketing of your property

Marketing of your property

End of an area and start of a new one.

After having been active as an estate agent in the Algarve for over 27 years I decided on 31-12-2009 to wind up my company “Ricola Algarvia Ldª”, a decision which was already taken some years ago. This means the end of my active life as a licensed estate agent.

However at the request of many of my clients I have decided to keep the web sites:

which over the years have been well know, alive and on-line. As from now on they are Marketing sites.

With the introduction of the Internet the role of the “Estate Agent” as intermediar has changed over the years and became less important; potential clients interested in properties now browse the web and also sellers have become far more active themselves and try to promote their properties on the Web in order to cut down on cost.

Besides that a lot of information how to deal in a foreign country (Portugal in this case) has become easier accesible and probably I have attributed to this as well a bit by providing free information through my web site

In order words “the market has changed”.

If we look and follow the developments in the States, UK and Holland we can get an idea what we can expect in the near future. Commissions (already much higher in Portugal) are already under pressure and price-fighters now are prepared to work for a fixed fee (sometimes less than € 1.000) and offer limited services, leaving part of it (loke viewings) to the sellers.

With a lower commission etablished estate agents will find it more and more difficult to keep their offices profitable and consequently their service will deminish.

There are people, including myself, who reckon that in some time to come most of the estate agencies will disappear like is happening with for example travel agencies.

What are the changes:

Existing clients, who´s house is already exposed on our sites do not have to do anything if they agree to the new system and terms. In case of an interest in your property you will receive details of the potential client (prospect). From there onwards you can do the business directly with him/her, arrange viewings and in the end negotiate a price. For people who I represent legally in Portugal by holding a Power of Attorney this does not apply.

We assume that the paperwork of your property is up-to-date and correct but this is no longer our responsibility. Requirements what is needed you can find on page 4 or on my info sites or by contacting me.

However may you require for me to check your paper work; this can be done and I will let you know my findings and bring you a report. In case something has to be rectified you can appoint somebody to have this sorted.

New clients who want to place their property on our sites can contact us by e-mail or by phoning our office. If you wish you can do the write-up of your property yourself and also provide me with your own photographs. May you prefer for me to look at your property you can contact my office or mail me.

Besides individuals, several Estate agents also can and will use my sites to promote their properties.


What are the charges to advertise on our sites:

In the past you were used to pay 4 or 5% + IVA/VAT, now you can decide if and how much you want to spend on the promotion of your property.

You will have the following options:

  • You provide us with a write-up of your property and all relevant details including photographs. Your property will be placed on our web sites without any additional cost. In case there is an interest you will receive details of the interested person. In case of a successfull deal we will charge you 1 %[1] of the sales price.                                                                                                         
  • You prefer me to arrange a visit to your property and also take photographs. Consequently I will do the write-up and place the property on line. I will charge you for this € 75, 00 + € 1 p/km. if the property is over 20km. away from our office in Lagos. In case of a successfull mediation we will charge you 1 %[2]of the sales price. However the expenses paid before will be deducted.          
  • You prefer that I check your paperwork and write a report and give you recommendations what should be rectified (if necessary). The additional cost for this service will be € 75, 00.                             
  • Regarding the sales price. As I am no longer acting as an official estate agent the sales price has to be decided by you. It would be my advice to ask several local estate agents to have a look at your property and to give you their views. Based on their advice you can decide.
  • I am no longer interested in exposing my property/ies on your web sites.                                          

Furthermore I can offer/advice you to integrate the following extra services, which may strongly improve the chance of you selling your property.

You can see examples of video and professional photos on my website:

And for Algarve Clip:

For floorplans:

Voor plattegronden:

On the 4th. Page you will find information about the documents you need to sell your property.

May you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me or make an appointment.

Yes I want to accelerate the sale of my property

Order list of Realestate Algarve Products[3]

 I am no longer interested for my property(ies) to be exposed on your sites, please remove my property(ies) 
 I agree to the new conditions as above-mentioned 
 Own photograhs & Description 
 RA to take photograhs and do description 
 RA to do title check of your property 
 Professional Photograhs 
 Professional Video of approx. 2-3 min. 
 Algarve Clip with Portuguese Music 
 Algarve Clip with music and voice over 
 Floor plans in 2D and/or 3D 
 Aerial Video 
 Aerial photographs 

2010  Buying & Selling a Property & Cost  2010

¨    The legal regulations are very specific when buying a property in Portugal; however, it is always advisable to use qualified legal advice.

¨    It is also important to insure that any plans in the Town hall referring specifically to the property do physically agree with the existing construction. A property for living purposes must also have the following documentation:

       A detailed “Caderneta Urbana and/or Rústico” from the Tax Office

       A certified insertion in the records of the Land Conservatory     

      A habitation licence for properties constructed after 1951 or                                                        

      A certificate that the property was in existence from before 1951 issued by town council.                              

      F.T.H. (Ficha Technica de Habitação) for properties with HL issued after March 2004.                                                          

        A set of certified plans from the local Town council.

      Energy Certificate for all properties build after 1951.                                                  

        Proof of payment of rates of the last 5 years or certificate of no debts

      License for the bore hole or well

      License for fossa septic , lake or any other water source. 

¨   In case of an off-shore company the followind additional documents:

        Certificate of good standing.                                                  

        Power of Attorney

      Share certificates

      Nominee share holders declaration 

    Commercial and Industrial properties require aditionaly:

  An utilisation licence                                             

  A set of certified plans from the local Town council.

 An energy certificate                          

  A certified insertion in the records of the Land Conservatory

            Proof of payment of rates of the last 5 years or certificate of no debts.   

     A detailed “Caderneta Urbana” from the Tax Office                                                            


    In the case of a rural property the following extra documentation is necessary.


  A detailed “Caderneta Rústico” from the Tax Office                                  



¨    Each Town hall and Tax Office tends to have local interpretations of the laws and regulations and these should be first checked. It is often very necessary to implement specific searches prior to acquiring a rural property.










[1] In case I am holding P.o.A. to sell on your behalf the fee will be 1,5%

[2] In case I am holding P.o.A. to sell on your behalf the fee will be 1,5%

[3] Prices include my assistance but prices mentioned are without IVA/VAT

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