Application licence short term rentals

Application licence short term rentals

The new rental season is approaching fast. January being normally the month that people start considering where to spent their spring or summer holidays. Not unlikely that the present credit crises will have an effect on bookings for properties in the Algarve. The severe drop in exchange rate of the £ sterling against the Euro during the past year and the fact that we are heavily depending on the British market will have an impact for property owners.

Of course people still will come on holiday but will have a wide choice of good properties and look for good value for money or bargains.

Good properties should be safe and clean and comply with today’s legislation. This legislation came into effect last year (see my article below) and one should obtain an AL license.

We have now started with obtaining this license for our clients and the first step is that your property will be inspected by a qualified electrician and gas technician. Without their certificates that the equipment is safe we can not further proceed with the application. In case recommendations are proposed they first will have to be carried out.

Our company is able to assist you in obtaining this necessary license.

The estimated cost for the application will be approx.** € 650, 00 + IVA / VAT**

Included in this fee are

  1. The certificates from gas technician and electrician.
  2. Please be aware that there are 2 separate inspections for electricity, one of the general installation and
  3. Another one for individual equipment, like electric boilers which each not a certificate.
  4. We will accompany the inspectors,
  5. Organise all necessary paperwork and submit and collect the license.
  6. Not unlikely that the Camâra wants to carry out an inspection afterwards. In case this happens we also will assist.

In the article below is set out what the law is all about and their specific requirements.

Besides the requirements as mentioned in Art. 7 there are quite a few additional measurements we would recommend to increase safety for paying guests or obviously also for your own family members:

  • A smoke alarm (battery type) can be installed. Estimated cost between € 25- €50.
  • Carbon Monoxide detector especially when the geijser in installed inside. Estimated cost between € 45 and € 75.
  • Emergency Lighting & Fitting. Prices depend on the size and nº of floors of the property.
  • For the pool a life buoy can be recommend and a device setting off an alarm if something falls into the water (child protection).
  • Fencing of the pool is more costly but may become compulsory in the future.
  • Emergency exit floor plan (drawn up and plasticized)

Please find now the article I wrote before on this topic.

Article 190-E Short time rentals from my web site:

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